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28 Feb

Which is kind of amazing, because someone like Josh would not normally be a shoo-in for such an honorarium. This is probably the hundredth time he has greeted this same guard, but Josh acts as though he hasn’t seen him in 100 years. It makes everyone’s night better.” His words are music to David Silverman’s ears.

It’s probably the best thing her son has done, says his mother, Jamette. “He never felt like he was being judged, so his confidence grew.Says Davis, “That’s such an important thing for a young man.” Pegasus began as a small program for 15 mildly disabled children and now serves 100 riders per week.Jim Wurster is hoping for that kind of growth for the weekly coffeehouse he co-founded in 2015 for people with disabilities and their families.Explore our tips and resources on how to talk to children about disability.Check out the do's and don'ts of disability etiquette.