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20 Mar

The 1979 Islamic Revolution set out to mitigate socioeconomic problems, among other things, yet 36 years later it seems that Iran’s leaders have yet to make true on their promise.

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The national family planning policy instated in 1967 to slow population growth was suspended after the revolution in 1979.In most provinces, young adults were suffering from a 20-30% unemployment rate.[7] The economic crisis, and especially the recent hike in housing costs, has made it hard for many young Iranians to purchase homes.Prices have skyrocketed due to lack of supply along with growing demand for urban housing, and have risen by double-digit percentages.In December 1989, the government adopted a family planning program to limit the number of children per family.This policy remained in place until 2012, when Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered that it be changed to slow the aging of Iran’s population.