Adult dating service business opportunity

15 Feb

Punchline aside, the big laugh is that nod to Snapchat, a mainstream private-messaging-and-video-chat app whose status as a porn service is, shall we say, unofficial.

But Pied Piper's porn encounter is a rare case where In the popular imagination, the eternal trope is that the porn industry drives the adoption of new technology; that it accounts for some astronomically large portion of all Internet traffic; and, yes, that it generates equally enormous sums of money for all the faceless people who run its operations. A colleague of mine calls this a , an idea that has ceased to be true but that people continue to repeat, ad infinitum, as if it still was.

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, the HBO series that so skillfully spoofs the Bay Area tech scene, the plot turns to porn.

Mobile and social media platforms have pulled us away from the openness of the worldwide web and into walled gardens, squeezing the avenues of distribution for porn, co-opting its audience (at least in part), and forcing outfits like .

"That's obviously a fictional adult company—because I don't know a single one that would pay million for compression software," quips Chris O' Connell, who helps run a real adult company called Mikandi.

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