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11 Feb

A 47-year old male presents to his primary care physician in mid-August for a rash that appeared overnight. But ticks carry more complications than just Lyme disease. Thomas Mather, AKA: "The Tick guy" appears on WMAR Baltimore to put ticks and summer safety in focus.The rash is widespread across his torso, legs, and arms and is intensely itchy. The Tick Guy will be a guest on Maine Calling on May 11.Originally posted September 22, 2013 | By Life With Dogs Dr.

Their numbers are on the rise and they occur in more & more places – even your backyard!Read article Date: All ticks come in small, medium and large size.And late summer is when the small-sized (nearly microscopic-small) ticks have their season -- both Deer ticks and Lone Star ticks.More Information (Video) : Winter ticks affecting Maine moose population "[The CDC changed] its estimate of Lyme disease diagnoses in the US, raising it 10-fold from 30,000 new cases per year to 300,000 Read more about Wired article | Direct Link: Date: Although winter is fast approaching, disease-carrying deer ticks are still active and abundant in southern New England, where a University of Rhode Island researcher has been collecting adult deer ticks at a rate of more than 350 per hour while walking in the woods, along parkland paths, and even on local roadsides in recent weeks.Date: The most common response to our "how to remove a tick safely" video suggest to burn the tick in order to remove it.