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15 Feb

It’s an inherently contradictory idea: The “games aren’t real” argument doesn’t seem to dissuade angry commenters from taking Belamire’s complaints personally.“Games are supposed to be a place to mentally get entirely away from this world, these rules, with a character in another one,” laments one commenter, arguing that anti-harassment efforts will interfere with his escapism.These were “floating hands” in a “virtual world” that she could easily turn off or just “take off her headset” to escape from.These outraged players never seem to ask why men do not worry about encountering handsy people with boundary issues when they play games, or why such people should determine who plays and who doesn’t.

Developers should deal with them the same way they do other problems in the game’s design.

They wrote a pointed article that explains why they not only believe Belamire but take personal responsibility for what happened to her.

They also explain what steps they’re taking to improve the experience. putting your hands together, pulling both triggers, and pulling them apart as if you are creating a force field.

This point was addressed head-on in a discussion about designing safer VR games at the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne in late October.

One VR developer, Justine Colla, co-founder of the Alta VR studio, argued that the “visceral” nature of immersion in VR can give abusers more power.