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04 May

The CPARS applications are designed for UNCLASSIFIED use only.Classified information is not to be entered into these applications.By the third issue in the fall of 1993 the "Net Surf" column began listing interesting FTP sites, Usenet newsgroups, and email addresses, at a time when the numbers of these things were small and this information was still extremely novel to the public.Wired was among the first magazines to list the email address of its authors and contributors.

Wired contributor Chris Anderson is known for popularising the term "the Long Tail", as a phrase relating to a 'power law' type graph which helps to visualise the 2000s emergent new media business model.The fortune of the magazine and allied enterprises corresponded closely to that of the dot-com bubble.In 1996, Rossetto and the other participants in Wired Ventures attempted to take the company public with an IPO.The initial attempt had to be withdrawn in the face of a downturn in the stock market, and especially the Internet sector, during the summer of 1996. Rossetto and Metcalfe lost control of Wired Ventures to financial investors Providence Equity Partners in May 1998, who quickly sold off the company in pieces.Wired was purchased by Advance Publications, who assigned it to Advance's subsidiary, New York-based publisher Condé Nast Publications (while keeping Wired's editorial offices in San Francisco).