Brandon flowers dating charlize

20 Feb

The big news in the music video for the song is that Charlize Theron stars opposite Flowers, as a sexy, dirty, warrior type sent to rescue Flowers — all the while gazing at him with besotted doe eyes.Hey, I'd be gazing at him like that too — Flowers gives Theron a run for her money with how smoldering he looks tied up in various vulnerable positions. Such is the fractured family life of the typical internationally touring rock star.

The first track, "Crossfire," still has a bit of his band's sound, if a little stripped down.Taking their murderous moniker from the bass-drum of a fictional band in the music video for New Order’s ‘Crystal’, they played their first ever gig in August 2002.As with thousands of bands before them, The Killers recorded a scratchy demo and honed their live act around the clubs of Las Vegas.Quiet and shy as a teenager, Flowers didn’t really fit-in, growing up in the small, conservative town of Nephi.It wasn’t exactly the most rockin’ place (The Book Of Nephi is the first section of The Book Of Mormon, and opens, “I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in the learning of my father...”).