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24 Apr

Who would not have liked to see the mythical Polygnotos works of art, use the library card at the lost library of Alexandria, and think of entire civilisations painting on poor mediums that had no endurity att all transforming every single painting to dust... A Copper pendant was found in Northern Iraq dating back 10.700 years (8.700BCE), Gold artifacts in Bulgaria dating back 6.450 years. Sculpting and shaping metal does feel like a real challenge.

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Don’t let this fool you though – she might do it for all kinds of reasons which do not include love. In other words – your only job is to lead while making sure she shines out.

There are girls that will easily write you off if you think you’re larger than life.

The “muffins” or muffin-like girls will tolerate more of that, but all the rest of my sisters will probably think you are an idiot.

As I think and read about the mindboggling loss of art and knowledge through time the insight grabs hold of my very soul and chokes me to tears.

Art is humanity at her finest, art is about ascension. I cannot help making the association to metal, metal is one of the most enduring mediums we have.