Cambodian dating

13 Apr

Angelina Jolie is not dating Cambodian rapper and filmmaker Pra Ch Ly, despite a false tabloid report. The supposed suitor is a 38-year-old Cambodian lyricist who Jolie met through Loung Ung, a human rights activist and the author behind her new Netflix movie .

“Angelina’s New Love,” reads a headline in the latest issue of , which claims the actress has a new man in her life for the first time since her 2016 split from Brad Pitt.

Gossip Cop is exclusively assured that the two aren’t dating.

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“It becomes this addiction.” While Tinder gets a bad rap, users say in a city like Phnom Penh – where limited other online dating options exist – people can sign up for numerous reasons, including simply getting travel tips or looking for more long-term relationships.“I’m actually dating for the first time in my Phnom Penh life through Tinder,” says Claire*, who has lived in the city for several years but has more recently used the app for casual dating.“It’s changed my whole romantic life here.”Users say the online format allows you to put your best face forward, and to have serious conversations that would not happen straightaway in bars.“They’re a perfect match,” a so-called “source” tells the magazine. It’s just what Angie needs.” The outlet’s questionable insider goes on to say that Ly has formed a tight bond with the actress’s oldest son Maddox, who she adopted from Cambodia.According to the suspicious source, the rapper has spent time with all of Jolie’s children, but he’s “really taken Madd under his wing.” The alleged tipster adds, “Angie hasn’t let anyone new into her life in a long time, but when she falls, she falls hard.” However, the only remotely true aspect of this story is that the actress met the Cambodian rapper through their mutual friend and collaborator Ung.