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23 Mar

Because in his death, he has been able to devise a plan to get every single one of his "crew" members for one final game where he is the master game controller.And through his mother, his poor mother, Danny has schemed a way to gather his old friends, all with secrets that not even the Chat has gotten a hold of.They told it was quite chilly outside, so they would like to have a shot of something alcoholic.Elizabeth filled two glasses with vodka and returned to her laundry. Nice to see you can show up for a person once he's dead. James returns to her hometown, it is to the grave of her old friend Danny, a member of a group that was, ten years ago, Ruby's whole world. When past mistakes resurface, the lines of friendship blurb, and four old friends are left trying to understand what it means to lie to the ones you love best. And her descriptions, including little things like how this town Chatwick is simply known as the "Chat" (irony, at it's best) when you overhear the small town rumors that spread like wildfire.

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One of the best perks of being part of this blog is that I get to read books by authors I would never otherwise try.

All in all, this was an interesting story and I read in practically one sitting.

Seriously, as a debut, I was impressed by Kaela Coble's literary prowess.

She hugged him tightly trying to support him and he suddenly felt that her hot body turned him on.

His sadness faded away when he forced the crying chick into sucking his cock and fucked her tight wet pussy.