Cramfs updating ok

16 May

Go to Appslib again to download , Arctools like in Step 1, then start/open the application.Download the Market package, the default selection (Default Apps & Market (Android 2.3)) should be kept, it will install latest Android Market 3.4.4 Press the Install button Restart the device Step 3.This firmware is made for and has been tested only on Arnova 10 G2 tablets with 8 Gb Flash storage.It should not be used on other tablets, especially that would loose their default software.Last time I experimented on compiling bare-metal ARM programs and U-Boot; now I want to compile a Linux kernel for an ARM architecture from scratch.

The toolchain I’ll be using is the Code Sourcery ARM EABI toolchain.Before starting, please make sure you backup all your existing apps, data and files that are on your tablet as they will be erased during the flash process.Also make sure your device is connected to the power. Flashing the firmware Run Appslib that can be found in the applications on your tablet.[edit] From version 2010q1 of the toolchain, the manual explicitly says that the compiler is not intended for Linux kernel development; it is anyway possible to use the GNU/Linux toolchain for the same scope.[/edit] The vanilla kernel can be downloaded from; I took the latest at the moment (version 2.6.33) and extracted it in a folder.