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20 Apr

The is the first successful solid-body electric guitar, and it turns 60 this year (2011).See the list of Fender Telecaster players at Wikipedia.Joe Bonamassa (PHOTO) is one of the most recognised players of the Alvarez. w=228" data-large-file=" w=205&h=259 205w, w=76&h=96 76w," sizes="(max-width: 205px) 100vw, 205px" / two most obvious things about virtually all Aria guitars are their solid copper tuning keys and mahogany necks. " data-medium-file=" Aria Guitars Company is a Japanese guitar maker in Nagoya, founded in 1956 by Shiro Arai (who switched the letters of his name to make the brand name more pronounceable).Today, the Qingdao factory produces ASC guitars plus traditional and digital pianos under the George Steck, Falcone and Hobart M. ASC offers a wide lineup of electric, bass and acoustic guitars, plus banjos, mandolins, resonators and amplifiers. w=300" class=" wp-image-18294 alignright" src=" w=192&h=229" alt="Ash Quattra Q2" width="192" height="229" srcset=" Rich players are ‘anger pedallers’ — Slipknot, Slayer, Soulfly, Trivium and Death. Behringer is much more well known as a maker of recording/mixing studio consoles than guitars.Its popular lines of electrics are in the sub- to mid-US0 range — economy guitars for beginners and seasoned players alike, made in China, and comparable to Samick guitars in general play quality. w=251" data-large-file=" w=192&h=229 192w, w=80&h=96 80w, w=251&h=300 251w," sizes="(max-width: 192px) 100vw, 192px" / Ash Customworks of Mount Eden in Auckland city, New Zealand, produces handmade custom electric guitars and basses. If your chief concern is to make an infernal racket that could wake the dead, get a B. It does make electric guitar packages that are aimed at beginners, priced mostly under US0, such as the .According to a commenter on this post, rumour has it that ASC was started by some ex-Samick employees — plausible to explain the Samick-like properties of ASC guitars. section=guitar " data-medium-file=" As told to us by one commenter, Ash Custom Works guitars are crafted from 35,000-year-old Kauri wood — truly stunning uniqueness. Rich is renowned for making some of the world’s most unusually shaped guitars. York-born luthier Robert Benedetto is a maker of archtop acoustic guitars and one of the world’s most widely respected.Its Radian range of classic electric guitars are an affordable combination of New Zealand-made bodies and Japanese/American necks — “There’s no bling, just stripped down rock ’n roll action,” as the website puts it. He comes from a long line of artists, cabinet makers and musicians in his family.

Guitars " data-medium-file=" w=240&h=173" data-large-file=" w=460" class="alignright wp-image-18297" src=" w=240&h=173" alt="alvarez guitar joe bonamassa" width="240" height="173" srcset=" is a guitar and effects maker in Camarillo, California, and creates some very individualistic-looking, low-cost guitars.Even its website looks like a throwback to the Fifties.Funnily enough, Aria players tend to hate Kasuga players and think Aria should be higher than Yamaha in any muscle ranking. Guitars/s101_main/(S101 Guitars page) (Corporate website, in Korean only) website) America Sejung Corporation (ASC) is the California-based guitar arm of Sejung Corporation, a US0 million textile, construction and IT company in Busan, South Korea, established in 1974.