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29 Apr

Introduction In multilingual societies a structural functional distribution of the languages or varieties involved can be observed.In Sistan the schools, media, administration, etc., are dominated by looking for some who is similar Hobbies: traving, making friends, watching and going to the Beach my passion is that i love the job that i do, l hate smoking,drinking alcohol and also nite clubs i like listening to peoples ideas and learn from them About me: hi every one this is Samson from Uganda aged twenty four years a graduate tall lightskined color from westerns Uganda. am looking for some who is similar About me: I'm working on my 2nd degree and I love to meet new people. I want to start as friends then maybe we can start to be more then just friends. Codecopying is viewed as a strategy of linguistic behavior when a dominated language acquires new elements in lexicon, phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatic organization, etc., which can be interpreted as copies of a dominating language.In this framework Persian is regarded as the model code which provides elements for being copied into Balochi as the basic code.Only in rare cases more structured subsystems like morphology and syntax admit to copying as well.

Instead lexical copies serve as an intermediary for copying phonic and morphological-syntactical features of the model code.This paper is aimed to analyze how code-copying works in modern Balochi of Sistan2.I will show that code-copying affects most readily the lexicon being 1 For Iranian Balochi see Jahani (1994), Jahani (1999), Jahani (2003), Baranzehi (2003), Mahmoodi Bakhtiari (2003), Mahmoodzahi (2003).Balochi has been studied in a contact linguistic perspective before, and most attention was paid to elements of grammatical structure1.The object of this empirical study is parole rather than langue and code-copying is viewed as a strategy of linguistic behavior.