Dating godin guitars

09 Feb

Another custom build for a customer, Daniel Marcos from Argentina, guitarist of the Queen Tribute Band Queendom This RS built by Esteban has an Oak and block-board construction for the body with mahogany veneer.

The neck is screwed to the body like the original, oak fingerboard.

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The block-board is from a couple of shelves, the oak core came from a step from an old staircase. Block-board body with oak insert, Brazilian mahogany veneer, Brazilian mahogany neck with oak fingerboard.This RS copy made in 2004 by Sherman is loosely based on the 84 Guild guitar, which Brian used as a back up guitar in the 80s. Anatoliy went to the effort of making his own Tremolo and Bridge. Doron recently built another Red Special, this one being number 6.Six Months of research and design, and Sherman came up with a great copy. Guitars have Burns Tri-sonics, White switches, Mother of pearl inlays. This particular one is very special to Doron for a number of reasons.Wood : Solid Oak Body, Mahogany veneered, Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard, Tremolo Custom Made Knife Edge (Sei Guitars), Bridge Custom Made Micro Roller Bridge (Sei Guitars), Tuners Schaller tuners, Ghoto perloid tips.Julian's Green RS prototype guitar is based on Brian's first design of the Red special. Same woods used in this guitar as per original, block board body, mahogany veneer, and a glued in Mahogany neck. Original construction, Block-board and oak, Gotoh tuners, Knife edge tremolo, and Roller bridge from Jon Underhill. Built by Anatoliy between 20 in the Ukraine, using slightly different woods to the original, but still looks great.