Dating j salmon postcards

27 Apr

ADEN, Towandee Abraham TABOR, Towandee Henry SALSBURY, Towandee Wm. [Windy] Smith, of Elmira and former resident of Mansfield, has completed the reenacting of the first air mail flight which he flew from Washington to New York City back in 1919. Smith flew the same type of plane which had been used in that first run and was given a send-off in Washington by Mrs.Windy took over the flight two months after it was instituted and stuck with it for two years. Woodrow Wilson, who with her husband had witnessed the first flight. A stop-over was made in Philadelphia and finally a change had to be made to another plane because of radiator trouble in the original water-cooled plane.

Takes a little time to zero in on each one of interest, but when you find them it shows the names of the principals, mostly early settlers.London merchant James Alexander further developed the area by constructing the first steamboat pier, which was swept away by a hurricane in 1856.Its successor suffered a similar fate and was replaced by the current railway terminus and pier.David Livingstone was a friend of Young and a replica of a hut the explorer occupied near Victoria Falls was built in the grounds of Kelly as a memorial to Livingstone. A memorial on the shore road recalls 'The Gaiter Club', whose members included Anthony Trollope, Lord Kelvin, Lord Palmerston and the Earl of Shaftesbury. Burnet's episcopal Inverclyde Church, which stood on the shore road of Undercliff Road and was demolished in 1970.Kelly House was rebuilt twice, the first structure dating from the 15th century, Blame was laid at the suffragettes but no evidence was ever found. Neither Castle Wemyss nor James Salmon's Wemyss House remain, having been demolished in the 1980s and 1940s respectively. The Castle Wemyss estate and adjoining areas had been sold off in the 1960s to property developers and since then the village has grown considerably, albeit largely a dormitory settlement for Greenock and Glasgow.