Dating men with motorcycles

22 Feb

Forget expensive plane tickets, hotels and five star restaurants... Motorcyclists are constantly reminded of our mortality -- "my parent/sibling/friends/friend's friend died riding a motorcycle" or "those things are dangerous you know." Yeah, we know. We'll understand when you don't want to go out and blow 0 at a Michelin-Star-having-restaurant, and we'll be stoked when you'd rather BBQ some grub and get down on an oil change in the garage instead. The transition from a snow damaged asphalt road to fresh new pavement brings us great happiness. For most, riding a motorcycle isn't just a way to get to work, it's a way of life. Our lives depend on looking all around us and seeing what we look at -- so you're going to be safer around us too. Flat tires and dead batteries happen, so we know all about set backs and making things work. Furthermore, after hours on the road, we'll know just where that knot is in your shoulder. But her showing up on her motorbike with those in her backpack is that much better. But a guy knocking on your front door in his helmet with a rose that he carried in his teeth for miles to your front door is even cuter.

6) Date a guy who gets excited at the mention of hitting the highway and riding off to the hills.

This takes us back to #1 -- we want to have a good time and try new things. It's not something that can just be given up at the drop of the hat, and that kind of determination translates well into other areas of life. We'll always remember to look both ways, do our pre-flight safety checks, and we'll always remember that random item that needs to be picked up on the way home (we might take the long way though).

When the going gets tough, motorcyclists get going.

We're always willing to help out other motorcyclists, and generally have an elevated sense of the world around us.

It's pretty well known that a motorcycle is like a cheat code to make a guy more attractive; they are perceived as adventurous, rebellious, powerful and sexy; but at the same time, they're socially acceptable. So dating a motorcycle rider will instantly make your friends jealous (which we all secretly want to do.) But what if you're motorcycle-riding mate isn't terribly blessed in the facial department? Simply share pictures of you and him with his helmet on, adding to the mystery and intrigue and making you look like the sexy queen you are.