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04 Mar

You can put the monitor on a toe covered by a sock, you can use diversion - as soon as the child's attention is diverted somewhere else the monitor goes back on.' The two nurses tasked with caring for James told the inquest they were given a 30 minute break before midnight if they were on a 12 hour night shift and a 90 minute or two hour break in the early hours of the morning.

James' nurse Mr Cachero went on his break shortly after 2am while Mr Dwerryhouse was lying in the bed with James on his chest trying to get him to settle.

Instead the maximum they could take was one hour and 15 minutes.

She said that James was sleeping and comfortable, and that she was aware of his sleep apnoea.

Ms Bhupathiraju said that James' parents hadn't wanted his monitors on, but admitted when pressed that her clinical knowledge of his best interests was more important than the wishes of the parents.

His father John said after coming round from surgery on the morning of August 25, his son had been energetic and was sitting in his bed playing with his Play Mobil figures.

Around 4.20am father-of-five Mr Dwerryhouse received a call telling him James wasn't well and he and James' mother needed to attend the hospital immediately.