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04 Mar

''I can't remember but I'm not saying there wasn't a conversation about monitors but I wouldn't have asked them to be taken off.'Westminster Coroner's Court heard his parents had asked that James not be given a CPAC monitor - which involves a full face mask - and instead asked that a blood saturation monitor be used.The monitor, a peg put on the finger or toe, was used for James at home although the alarm very rarely went off.He said he first thought there was an issue with the blood saturation monitor when he connected it because it was reading zero, and fitted a new one, before he realised James wasn't reacting.

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Around 4.20am father-of-five Mr Dwerryhouse received a call telling him James wasn't well and he and James' mother needed to attend the hospital immediately.She said that James was sleeping and comfortable, and that she was aware of his sleep apnoea.Ms Bhupathiraju said that James' parents hadn't wanted his monitors on, but admitted when pressed that her clinical knowledge of his best interests was more important than the wishes of the parents.He said James had been pulling off his monitors and lines, and thought it was okay for him to have them off while his father was with him and the boy was awake.The nurse claimed that he and Mr Dwerryhouse had agreed that the monitors didn't have to be on while he was with him.