Dating single dads with full custody

02 Mar

I love being serving my country and has done so honorably for eighteen years. X-WIFE said she will get paid regardless of what I try to do.......I have been divorced now from my x wife for 5 years I just found out after 13 years that I am not the child father and she forged my signature on the birth …Depending on the circumstances, the courts generally (not all the time) favor the mother and grant her custody, leaving the father to pay child support if ordered by the courts.There should be fathers rights when it comes child support that will ensure and encourage visitations for those fathers who pay child support.Nightmare dad seriously need help Not rated yet My niece has a nightmare "father". My sister and he started dating in 2000 when they were teenagers. When her relationship with her husband broke down five years ago, they agreed splitting the time with their two daughters 50/50 was the best option.

Im a 27 yr old father of a 1 yr old baby girl whom im not made to pay child support but I do but my ex will not let me see my daughter My name is Joshua Overstreet from hattiesburg ms. behind on paint due to medical disability Not rated yet In September I was unable to work due to a badly broke foot which kept me home for 7 months I tried calling the Ag to notify them of my situation and was …

There are good fathers out there that have gone through a divorce who are willing to pay their child support payments on time and are being victimize by mothers who deny them their visitations.

Good fathers who understand and take responsibilities for their obligations should be reward, not punished.

If you're a father and you find yourself in a situation where the custodial mother of your child is using custody or visitation as a weapon against you, there are actions you can take. If you're up to date on your child support payments, you are completely entitled to assert any custody or visitation rights you have been given by the most up-to-date court order relating to the custody of your child.

If you as a father had your rights violated, please share your experience.