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22 Feb

William & Mary’s Sexual Violence website collects information about reporting options, resources for students experiencing sexual violence, tips to help a friend, and other resources for students.

Reporting options include anonymous reporting, reporting for criminal action, reporting for internal (administrative) investigation, and many other types of reporting.

Information about reporting other types of discrimination or harassment or policy violations is provided in Appendix B to the Discrimination Policy.

It also prohibits faculty from engaging in such relationships with graduate students with whom the faculty are in a position of authority.Irrelevant personal factors include race, gender and gender identity, national origin, sex and sexual orientation, and many other characteristics.The Discrimination Policy applies to students: it protects students from discrimination and prohibits them from discriminating or harassing others.The Discrimination Policy also requires almost all W&M employees to report incidents of sexual violence and harassment, when they become aware of them.This reporting obligation does not require victims to report; it requires people to report incidents involving other people.