Dating stalking

22 Feb

The Discrimination Policy prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence and other forms of sexual misconduct, and mandates reporting in certain circumstances.

Sexual violence and sexual misconduct are defined in detail in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

They secretly follow the victim, either by car or in an insidious way -- by getting access to the victim's email. The stalker figures out your password and reads all your email," Moore tells Web MD.

"Many people use the same password for many things -- the ATM, various email accounts, and web sites.

"Stalking is much more about inducing fear," says Brook Zitek, DO, a forensic psychiatrist at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

"It's repeated boxes of candy, clothing, showing up at your house, putting things through your mail slot, notes on your car -- even though you've asked them to stop," she tells Web MD. You only become aware when clues of their behavior show up -- when your email provider locks you out because you've logged your password incorrectly too many times, for example." In many scenarios, the stalking begins as a relationship is ending -- a divorce or breakup, says Moore.

The Discrimination Policy applies to students: it protects students from discrimination and prohibits them from discriminating or harassing others.More than 1 million women are stalked every year; about one in every 12 women will be stalked in her lifetime.There's a line between the overzealous pursuer and the stalker.The Discrimination Policy also requires almost all W&M employees to report incidents of sexual violence and harassment, when they become aware of them.This reporting obligation does not require victims to report; it requires people to report incidents involving other people.