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16 Mar

Applying different OSL measurement techniques and analytical procedures, we investigated which approach was most appropriate for dating known age proglacial sediments.Best results were achieved using Single-Aliquot Regenerative-Dose methodology on coarse grain quartz and feldspar samples, in combination with the approach of Preusser et al. Luminescence dating of proglacial sediments from Switzerland. The potential of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) for dating proglacial deposits is tested here at three last glacial key sites in the Eastern Alps.This was undertaken using both sand-sized feldspar and quartz grains as well as fine silt-sized material.They want A Man, not a companion who knows how to parboil brown rice and cries at the end of movies. The Azeri prison officials should have just let him rot in gaol when they had their hands on him! Mary Ellen Liebowitz | May 4, 2004 I think the author of this thing is in need of some serious R&R!

Hopefully you won't have to put into it any effort and it won't cost you anything.

First you should look and criticize your own back yard before trashing people you don't know shit about.

You must be writing this in pain of blue balls, as you couldn't get laid by a Hungarian girl.

] By Dork Zygotian As one walks down the street in Budapest, a common reaction that many visitors have as they gaze at the physical perfection of Hungarians is "Gee! This information is aimed at men, those slaves of testosterone who carry their brains in two neat little bundles between their legs. All Hungarian men are charming, enchanting, good-looking, and completely unintelligible if you don't speak Hungarian.

I wish the human race were transformed into cute little rodents whose only aim in life was to have continuous, lusty, mindless animal couplings at every opportunity, hundreds of times each day! Women who are visiting often ask "Are there any available Hungarian men? Rex Harrison crooned it best, in My Fair Lady, "Oozing charm from every pore/ He oiled his way across the floor/ Never have I seen a ruder pest/ than that hairy hound from Budapest." Men, however, must take a different approach to attract the wily Magyar leány. " Other communications were made by rubbing anything else.