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04 Apr

He could also catch the ball AND was an excellent punter. It included Bill Parcells, John Mackovic, Ray Handley, Al Groh and Frank Gansz – all of whom went on to become head coaches in the National Football League.

Jarvis was closest to Parcells – the defensive coordinator.

Subjects cover but aren't limited to coaching, leadership, character, football history and current football happenings, education, parenting, citizenship and patriotism, other sports, and even, sometimes, my offense.) “The Marines train men hard, and do things the right way, just as a football team must train.

*********** An elementary school principal in Massachusetts (I am tempted to do so, but I am not going to say “where else?"He couldn't let his guard down with the defensive guys," Jarvis says, smiling. But with guys like me, on the offensive side of the ball, he joked around and told stories all the time."(In his senior year) Army rolled through every other opponent, including a 10-7 win at Air Force in the first game Army ever played in Colorado Springs. The doctor was in front of me, looking down at his checklist.It was a memorable victory for everyone but Jarvis – who, to this day, has no memory of the last three quarters."I got kicked in the head in the first quarter," he says. Early in the third quarter our team doctor came down the sideline to check me out. Steve Lindell was standing behind me and he whispered the answers in my ear.He told me, “Hughie (that’s my Philly name, pronounced “You-ie”) don’t let them fool you. Please, God, give us a Super Bowl parade like this in every American city. *********** The most popular class at Yale is a Psychology (“Psych”) Class called “Psychology and the Good Life” - How to be Happy. (The “Export” business was a laugh - I doubt that it was sold west of Bridgeport.) Years later, I can afford good scotch now, but I’d give anything for a cold glass of Hull’s. I followed his career because he was a Philly guy, and I hope that he’s Up There celebrating the Eagles’ win.There’s not one person in a million who can estimate the size of a crowd correctly.” Anyhow, sounds like a good time was had by all at the Eagles’ parade. There is even “Happiness Homework” - go home and meditate, get enough sleep, etc. A couple of years ago, great sports writer John Feinstein wrote about Charlie Jarvis.