Freddie highmore dating emma roberts

12 Feb

The guy is pretty much confident to talk about his kiss scene of the movie in public.

So leave him alone and stop spreading rumors that aren’t verifiable.

That’s the way we project our traditional mindset when it comes to our celebrity's sexual orientation.

Before starting some gossips about Freddie Highmore today, let’s first be clear about some facts.

From the age of 7, he started getting small roles in movies and television projects.

Now looking back at his more than ten years of acting career, his most recognized role would be troubled young Peter Llewellyn Davies in Finding Neverland, brave and smart child Robert in Five Children.

But, the rumor has slowly vanished into dust till now, and nobody talks about it except me.

Currently, either he is not in love, or he doesn't want to reveal his girlfriend name until the affair, if there is, get seriously serious.

I am sure many girls are jealous of Emma just because he kissed Emma in the movie. The young actor, who is 25 years old, has a kick-ass height of 5 feet and 10 inches with that easy-going personality.

Just, I will suggest his shirtless pictures from Bates Motel if you are interested.

Just an interesting thought, “In an interview with Metro in 2011, he was describing his latest film The Art Of Getting By and the chemistry between him and Emma Roberts in the film.

Now I shouldn’t tell why people are crazy about watching his shirtless pictures.

Here, by people, I mean his female fans and his gay fans as well, as he has millions of both female and gay fans.