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21 Apr

Kasa Cam records every time it senses motion or sound and stores up to two days (1 GB) of video on the cloud for free.Once saved, you can watch every video through the activity center in the Kasa app.With the older Y-Cam models, you could only listen in to what was happening.As you'd expect, infrared LEDs are used for night vision, so the Evo can capture the action even when the lights are off.The second update – the speaker – will enable 2-way audio, although this isn't yet implemented in the app.An update is coming soon that will let you talk back, and this will bring the Evo more in line with the current competition, much of which already offers 2-way audio.The new app has a slick interface which makes phone-based setup a breeze: I had the Evo up and running within three minutes of unboxing it.For those without an existing Y-Cam account, you’ll need to allocate a few extra minutes to create a free account.

The Evo is a new indoor security camera that’s part of Y-Cam’s Home Monitor range.With Kasa Care, your activity recordings are stored to your Kasa account.Learn More about Kasa Care Kasa Cam makes it easy to keep an eye on your family with instant notifications and motion and audio detection.Bluetooth means you can set up the Evo from your phone.No longer do you have to first connect the camera to your router using a network cable as with previous Y-Cam models.