G dragon sohee dating 2016

30 Mar

With this prediction, some speculate that Ji yong may plan to settle down soon but who the lucky girl is remains to be a question.

Kwon Ji yong’s fortune was read by a fortune-teller on a live broadcast via Naver on Sept. The said psychic read through the BIGBANG member’s love life and wealth, revealing that G-Dragon’s wife will be “a cute and lovable woman.” She went on and says that, “You have by birth the propensity to be a doting husband,” as per Soompi’s report.“Well I am good to women,” says a laughing Ji yong.In addition to being a rising star in Japan, some fans also know Nana Komatsu as a friend of Kiko Mizuhara, who was rumored to have been G-Dragon’s girlfriend before the two were said to have split up.While Kiko Mizuhara is a mutual connection that Nana Komatsu shares with G-Dragon, the two had also previously worked together for a photoshoot and joint interview for Nylon Japan‘s April 2016 edition.G-Dragon is a fashion icon whose changes his style constantly to go along with his image.He love to draw attention with his colorful suites.