G dragon sohee dating 2016

30 Mar

In addition to being a rising star in Japan, some fans also know Nana Komatsu as a friend of Kiko Mizuhara, who was rumored to have been G-Dragon’s girlfriend before the two were said to have split up.

While Kiko Mizuhara is a mutual connection that Nana Komatsu shares with G-Dragon, the two had also previously worked together for a photoshoot and joint interview for Nylon Japan‘s April 2016 edition.

First Album: Heartbreaker TV Shows or Movies: He has been in several TV shows including Devil’s runway, The Return of Superman and Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

List of Facts / Trivia: He has released solo albums, Heartbreaker (2009) and One of a Kind (2012).

He broke away from his groups Big Bang and GD&TOP to successfully release singles like “High High,” “One of a Kind” and “Heartbreaker.” His solo albums where also smashing hits, making all the way to number one.

He love to draw attention with his colorful suites.

has always evaded questions regarding his love life.

His fans are curious about who the lucky girl the singer-songwriter is currently dating.

Aside from predictions about his future wife, the fortune-teller also looked into his wealth.

The palm reader said the YG Entertainment artist will be very successful towards the end of the year.