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06 Mar

I have a few artists I feel that way about and one of them is celebrating a birthday today.It is not secret that I think George Strait is the coolest guy in the music business.That's not a criticism -- Allan's songs aren't by the usual Nashville tunesmiths, and his sound isn't the typical commercial mainstream; rather, he stakes out a turf that embraces hard country, with traces of contemporary country production flourishes cropping up here and there.Allan's subject matter is the man alone -- loving, losing, and persevering against the elements as he tries to make an honest stand.Kevin Welch's bittersweet recollection of doomed affair, "Cryin' For Nothin'," gets a steely edge thanks to the fire in Allan's expressive baritone.In a real acid test, Allan transforms Del Shannon's "Runaway" into a barn burner with a honky-tonk edge.He was then signed to MCA where he recorded six albums.

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Allan is considerably more mainstream than the Mavericks, which means that the production is more polished and he doesn't really take musical risks.

He released his first album, ' Used Heart for Sale,' in 1996, but it was really his third album, 1999's ' Smoke Rings in the Dark,' that was his commercial breakthrough, going Platinum.

Allan was struck by tragedy when his third wife, Angela, committed suicide in 2004, and subsequent albums dealt with Allan's inner pain, particularly 2005's ' Tough All Over,' which produced a hit in "Life Ain't Always Beautiful." He has scored a string of No.

Even if he doesn't quite hold his own against some Americana artists, he certainly is stronger than many contemporary country artists, especially since he tries many different styles and sounds throughout Smoke Rings in the Dark.

Not every song works, but even those that don't have still something recommendable in their performance or production.