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15 May

Lawrence explicitly overruled Bowers, holding that it had viewed the liberty interest too narrowly. The Court struck down the sodomy law in Texas in a 6–3 decision and, by extension, invalidated sodomy laws in 13 other states, making same-sex sexual activity legal in every U. Hardwick, where it upheld a challenged Georgia statute and did not find a constitutional protection of sexual privacy.He was told that Texas' anti-sodomy statute, the "Homosexual Conduct" law, made it a Class C misdemeanor if someone "engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex".Quinn decided to arrest Lawrence and Garner and charge them with having "deviate sex".Parrott, well aware that the attorneys intended to use the case to raise a constitutional challenge, increased it to 5 with the agreement of the prosecutor.To appeal, Lawrence and Garner needed to have their cases tried in Harris County Criminal Court.Attorneys for Lawrence and Garner asked the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest appellate court in Texas for criminal matters, to review the case.After a year's delay, on April 17, 2002, that request was denied.

Four Harris County sheriff's deputies responded within minutes and Eubanks pointed them to the apartment. He later reported seeing Lawrence and Garner having anal sex in the bedroom.Their attorneys asked the court to dismiss the charges against them on Fourteenth Amendment equal protection grounds, claiming that the law was unconstitutional since it prohibited sodomy between same-sex couples, but not between heterosexual couples.They also asserted a right to privacy and that the Supreme Court's decision in Bowers v.A second officer reported seeing them engaged in oral sex, and two others did not report seeing the pair having sex.Lawrence repeatedly challenged the police for entering his home.