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13 Mar

Not only does a pink/blue meter in the corner track how well the date is going, but you are also able to see Matthew's thoughts sometimes as he reacts to your comments and questions.

It not only reflects the game's manga roots, but also lets you see just why one choice might have been better than another.

P.) Certified Speaking Professional The National Speakers Association Anne Sadovsky is a Dallas based professional speaker.

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This game is an excellent work of fan-art, with stunning art-work, cute writing, and gameplay that actually simulates dating (however briefly).

The music is also very nice, and I like the fact that we can tweak what our heroine looks like. Hilariously enough, I think this is the first dating sim I've played that actually simulates being on a date.

Oh, other games have a "date" function, but the focus is always on building the relationship up to and past that point, and the dates themselves are usually just a basic talk/kiss/gift system at most.

The date ends rather abruptly, though, with a bit of narration giving a brief run-down of how the rest of the evening went.

It's rather jarring, and feels like it's just quitting in the middle.