Identifying fake dating profiles

26 Apr

The volume of these business email scam reports has increased over the last 18 months with three different common formats becoming known as ‘Business Email Compromise’ (BEC).The scam can affect any size business that handles ordering, invoicing and payment requests via email and where staff may make assumptions about the identity and authenticity of requests received.if the request comes through email, confirm the transaction and payment details via phone or text message with the staff member or supplier.Putting good payment handling policies in place and taking the time to confirm any request makes it more likely that fraudulent transfer attempts will be spotted.

For example: The US-based Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3) – which recorded more than 0m lost to this scam across the world in 2013 – has identified three main forms to watch out for: A business has existing relationships with trusted overseas suppliers and arranges the purchase of goods and services over email with invoices being sent as attachments.This can make it harder to confirm if a payment request is genuine if an executive cannot be reached by phone or txt.It is essential that any new bank account information is confirmed through a different communication channel, i.e.If you or your customers are receiving spoofed emails or if your company has paid money following receipt of a fake invoice you can report a computer systems attack to Net Safe online.Reporting incidents means Net Safe can spot patterns and take steps to warn government and law enforcement partners and other companies via the media.