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26 Apr

They may send messages pretending to be a manager and demanding an urgent payment be sent whilst they are overseas or requesting a transaction be kept confidential.

They may take the time to compromise a business email account and read the contents to make their own messages look authentic.

When asked what the purpose is, they won’t give any information such as their own phone number, name or where they are ringing from.

In some cases, cybercriminals may target an organisation and look for information that identifies accounts staff and business executives, perhaps on a public website.

This can make it harder to confirm if a payment request is genuine if an executive cannot be reached by phone or txt.

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a facade is created, designed to please what you think that other person needs or wants. If the person responds to the facade, you've got nothing there but a person who likes the false image you've created.That person doesn't like you, so what have you gained?If the person does not respond to the facade and departs from your life...Alternatively, the attackers may choose to register a new domain name as close to the business name as possible to increase the chance of an email being taken as genuine.For example: The US-based Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3) – which recorded more than 0m lost to this scam across the world in 2013 – has identified three main forms to watch out for: A business has existing relationships with trusted overseas suppliers and arranges the purchase of goods and services over email with invoices being sent as attachments.