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His lead role as Ko-Ko in the musical The Mikado earned him the Marks & Spencer award for Best Actor in a Musical at Rose Bowl Award 2011.He also does reviews and gameplay videos for the Tap!He has also roleplayed tiefling bard Barnabus Penus in various High Rollers One-Shot campaigns, as well as Jack the Lumberhack in The Cabin in the Woods.On March 5, 2017, announced that he will be on hiatus for up to six months to focus on a musical production he is involved in."Matt's got his own place which he's renovating, and then he's going to sell it.But this is the first time he's bought a place with a partner." Kym - who was praised by Coronation Street fans for her heartbreaking story line - revealed the huge commitment is the only commitment they plan on making at the moment.Such is the untamed energy of Matt & Kim that the pair started working on it almost immediately after they wrapped up touring for their 2010 release . We were lucky enough where we could buy a house, so we bought a house, just a mile or so away. She likes to sing, but when she realizes that she has to do it on stage then she kind of wants to pull out of doing it on the album so she doesn't have to do it on the stage. It's two very different things with live music and recorded music, and they don't have to be identical.While Johnson admits that all that brio can wear down even the sunniest of souls, he tells Hive that he's happiest when he's going nonstop. "We'll be frustrated at different times and every now and then -- basically once a month -- there'll be a note on the bus door that says, 'I'm having that time-of-the-month. I suspect we can get her out of singing live if that's what she really wants.

In the last five, six years or so I feel there's been no break. People have to recognize that there are another 23 hours in the day that isn't that hour on stage, and that's what gets really exhausting. And we'll be frustrated at different times and every now and then -- basically once a month -- there'll be a note on the bus door that says "I'm having that time-of-the-month. Right as we finished that album we moved out, and it felt like the end of an era. And it's interesting -- you've said that you're trying to put less stuff on the songs and have this album be more stripped down, as opposed to a lot of bands who end up adding more and more production stuff as they go along.

As much as sometimes we'd like to see just a little bit of time in between, we always continue working. But yeah, the second we did our final show of last year on New Year's Eve, we took about a week off then started working on new stuff. When we get up there and there are a lot of people who are excited to be there, immediately, we get snapped out of that exhaustion. If there was any sort of relationship I've been in in the past where we spent half as much time as we've been together, we would've killed each other a long time ago. If you see me, just try to avoid," to let everyone in the crew know. You go to your room." I can't figure it out, really. Basically all of our albums we had written there and we refer to that spot a bunch of times. We're hip hop fans, as we have surely said a number of times, but essentially in hip hop and pop music sometimes it's really the most minimal music.

So, I mean the thing is while touring, we don't get to write a lot. But then there's the other 22 and a half, 23 hours that becomes the part that becomes tiring. We're human, but in the end we'll finish a tour after being on the same bus for a couple of months and we'll get home and be like "Alright! Speaking of going home, you recorded in your apartment on Grand Street. I think about things Diplo's produced like "Look at Me Now" or, um, what, that recent Usher song [“Climax”], which are both incredible, but just have so little happening.

After dating for two years, Kym and Matt have decided to take a big step in their relationship, proving their commitment to one another. magazine, Kym revealed they will be buying a house together.

The Coronation Street actress explained: "Matt and I are buying a house together - that's a big commitment to each other.