Just sign up and fuck no credit card

07 Mar

It cost me 00 last time (in 1999 - those library fines were haunting my rating).

Since 2007 I've rented four other apartments, had background checks run on me, and even leased two cars.

That's where all the mansions come from while you were struggling to pay your mortgage. Or worry about killing yourself or feeding your kids. You weren't trying to be bad, but (as the banks already modeled) sometimes bad things happen to good people. I was also late on a state tax return (but not federal). Just those two things and because I have no credit cards (so no opportunities to show regular payments) my credit score fell from 780 to 580.

The investors in the hedge fund make money but mostly the hedge fund manager gets enormous fees off of the money they collect. But you don't deserve to struggle with your mortgage either. In the confusion of houses and misery and despair and kids were scared and "nothing will ever be the same", we were a few days late on two mortgage payments in a row.

Then you receive the obligatory confirmatory email thanking you for your However, you can’t cancel your membership or remove your credit card details either via your Xbox dashboard or com/live/accounts.

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One card, with First Premier Bank, even had interest rates go as high as 80%. The question was this (verbatim): "Hi James, Please please help me. Answer: DON'T PAY YOUR CREDIT CARD DEBT if it is hurting the rest of your life. Then the courts just give the credit card companies your money. North Carolina and West Virginia, for whatever reason, are the worst states if you are a buyer of batches of bad credit card debt. But they might only pay 2 cents on the dollar for those.

There is no facility what-so-ever to remove a payment method or cancel a service. However, I want to stop my monthly Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The only way to do this (at the moment) is by calling Xbox Support.

I’ve included all the options you need to select to get you through to the relevant help desk person.

I was then given a call reference (no surprises there) and told that my request would be escalated to a special team.