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04 Feb

Women are deliberately shut out of almost every other influential position: decisions in the home, and state, are not only not theirs to make, they cannot even significantly influence them.So it seems that a woman’s power is limited to her relationship(s).Several other comments I have seen are unworthy of discussion. That they might be lesbians and have no husbands or boyfriends; a very tired and irrelevant argument.That Kenyan politicians only sleep with their wives once or twice a year: power displaced.Several women organizations in Kenya, including FIDA, have banded together in a week-long sex ban in protest over the infighting plaguing the national unity government.

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He urged them to deny sex to their menfolk until a cease fire was reached.But not even always, since we know that many women do not have the right to say no to sex, with their husbands, boyfriends, or bosses.The feminists of G10 want them to use it, since that’s a key part of the power that women are able to command.Nonetheless, the measure, combined with democratic and diplomatic approaches, achieved a brief cease fire.…dozens of wives and girlfriends of gang members from Pereira (Colombia), started a sex strike called “La huelga de las piernas cruzadas” (the strike of crossed legs) to curb gang violence, in response to 480 deaths due to gang violence in that coffee region.According to spokesman Jennifer Bayer, the specific target was the strike was to force gang members to turn in their weapons in compliance with the law.