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25 Mar

Could it be the writers decided to cut me some slack?

Obviously, cause that’s their highest priority when they come up with their scripts.

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Ivan Sergei is a great actor and I’d love to see how (if? “Yes, that time of the year I have to get my shoes resoled.”- Love the continuity on Jane’s god awful shoes.At the time I assumed it was because she’d hear it all before.But what if it’s because she’s already so good at poker? -Now for some reason every time Mancini calls Lisbon “Teresa” I feel like punching him in the nose.Hair, makeup and outfits are naturally gorgeous, flattering, yet character appropriate. I’d never have guessed Rightetti was pregnant if I hadn’t already known it. Pet Peeves Considering how much Jane loves his godawful brown shoes, I would have thought he’d be more annoyed or broken up over the fact that he can’t wear them till the cobbler gets over the trauma of almost getting shot.It was weird seeing that Lisbon cared more about it than he did.