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26 Mar

But I can also edge myself while looking at or reading pornography, and then when I come finally it is like an earthquake, every muscle in my body tensing for long moments.

I am quiet when I masturbate, but gasp when I come, breathing hard.

My nipples are small, but can get so hard it's physically painful unless I relieve them with massage or a tongue.

I can rub on my clit for hours, and sometimes do so out of distraction while I'm really doing other things, like reading.

It involved a great deal of research and planning, trying to get many moving parts in line.I like to masturbate when my bladder is full, too -- the extra pressure makes everything feel better, like I might burst.Sometimes I play with my own nipples, which are attached to a sensitive, oversized pair of breasts -- so oversized that sometimes I suck on my own nipples while I masturbate.Though I was sometimes lonely, I had a good life with many friends, work I loved, and a supportive family.And though I missed sex, I could of course take the edge off (and did) with my nightly masturbation. They are (and have been since I was a teenager) very large - I'm currently a 36H, large enough that they stand out in photographs and are the most noticeable thing when someone looks at me.