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18 Mar

It made going on vacation a little rough cause here I found what might be, Mr. On vacation he text me a lot, in the beginning it did get a little overwhelming but I got over it. One night, he was a little short on cash so he could not take me out to dinner like he wanted too.To be honest, I just wanted to spend time with him so I cooked dinner and we had a picnic at the beach.

And with the raunchy series currently airing on ITV2, Katie Salmon teased what could potentially come as she frolicked on the beach in Ibiza.After dinner and dessert we laid down on the blanket staring into each other's eyes and talked and cuddled till it was dark out. I hope to find that one that can experience a picnic at the beach. He saw his kids everyday so he had to deal with her acting crazy.He felt he couldn't enjoy his time with me cause of the stress it caused. We began talking in about June, decided to meet at a local bar.After that for a couple weeks before my vacation to Florida he would text me and see me every day, even on the way to work he would stop by for 5 minutes just to see me. I was so happy to get back to find a guy that misses me and was happy to see me.