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26 Mar

Fortunately they did not know that General Sherman's daughter was a student at a Catholic High School in Greenhills Ohio. When Hunt and his men were caught, they were tried as criminals, sentenced and were sent to the Ohio Reformatory in Columbus. Mike I don't pay any attention to your critiques.

I spoke with a woman from the fitness center who told me that her high school class held its 70th reunion this year. Fredrica - When have you ever posted an origional thought. At Wytheville, they were met by townspeople who were armed and ready to fight. Delores from the Forest, I will be happy to bring some ice cream and mint julip to the reunion on October 21.

Fred, my friend, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Cookie had an ancestor who fought with the Confederacy. He suffered for his decision and my ancestors did not.

Many blacks and others don't want to be reminded of the cruelty of slavery. Fred- If you are so dissatisfied with the united states and especially Apalacha and West Virginia I sugest you move to Canada where they have made new gender classifications for M for Male, F for Female, and X for all others including Bi Sexuals and those who can't decide.Folks when I go to a store, I tell the clerk to put the item in a poke. During the civil war, Hamilton County was invaded by John Hunt Morgan of Lexington Kentucky. Prior to his invasion of Hamilton County, he and his men stole the county treasury at Versailles.In Hamilton County they stole food, horses, clothing, firearms and ammunition.Keep the Faith Mike Cookie got a big laugh regarding your statement that she and Mike needed original thought. She has given you original thought for years now but you appear to be so deed in the weeds you can't recognize it. In other words mind your own business and keep your hollier than though and smarter than though advice to yourself. Pete & Tracy how about a report on your health and well being. What about the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial ( both slave owners ) and all of the statues in the Nations Capitol. I guess Cookie and I are too much steeped in Brush Creek water to fully understand the lib pointof view Ched, Col. The Confederate group if successful would have destroyed the nation.She also says she hopes the Google function on your computer never gives out. Also a poem from our resident Poet, Carl would be appreciated by me and most? As we learned from history the protection of slavery was included in their constitution.