Nigerian dating scam pics uk dating horny girls online

07 Mar

He can spot these African criminals a mile away blindfolded and he instantly figures them out and reports them. He says 90% of the “women” he talks to on there are either fakes or real women who are scamming.

It’s rare to run into an real female who is not trying to steal from you somehow.

The dating scam was being continuously refined while we were dealing with them.

They even sent spies into our group that was fighting them.

Furthermore, scammers and criminals have almost completely taken over many dating sites to the point where there are hardly any real women on there anymore.

A friend of mine is on and he says fake beautiful young women come to him all the time.

After all, good looking, high quality men can fall for a hot model babe quite easily also. Some were even threatening to get some weapons, go to Nigeria and kill scammers.

Others were threatening to go to Nigeria, acquire some bombs and blow up Internet cafes.

They often pretend to be divorced with kids and a huge house. They claim to be Western men who are overseas in Africa on some sort of job.

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Also they really don’t care if 80% of the site is scammers, and they often will not even delete the scammers if you report them because these sites are in competition to see how many members they have.

“4 million members” is a great selling point, and they could care less if 80% of them are not even real humans at all but are just criminals using fake pics to steal from you.