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21 Mar

Mario pulls off his hospital socks to show his feet, which are still stained a reddish brown from the mud.He says he has a case of athlete’s foot ‘from hell’.‘The batteries in our helmet lights faded and then they went out completely on Day Three.’ The miners had a Nissan pick-up truck, a ‘scoop’ – a mechanical digger – a small cargo truck and another truck with a lift attached which is used to reach the roof.He talks about being ‘on a roller coaster’ of emotions and says doctors are keeping him in hospital because they want him to rest. ‘I am so happy and yet when I think of what happened my emotions overwhelm me.’ Mario, whose mother died when he was an infant, dotes on his family.He met Katty – who is a secretary for accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers – when he took a room in her sister’s house and the pair wed in 1992, shortly after the birth of their daughter.Mario says despite the mine having a poor safety record he was earning the equivalent of £1,000 a month, almost double the normal salary for a miner.‘I didn’t like the mine but I figured I would work there to earn good money to give my kids what I didn’t have. ’Recalling the day the nightmare began, Mario says August 5 was ‘just another regular day at the mine’.He said Mario provided the true leadership in the darkest hours.‘I can say quite frankly, the one who contributed most from the beginning was Mario Sepulveda,’ he said.

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Together again: Mario Sepulveda with his daughter Scarlette, wife Katty and son Franco.Mario, a deeply religious man like most in this devoutly Catholic country, says: ‘That was one act of God right there. It tasted foul but it didn’t poison us, even though it was tainted. But I would walk away from the others, down a tunnel, so they would not see me weep. ‘There was underground water which we found on about day four and we used that water to bathe. Once we found the water coming off the rock shelf we used a cup and would stand there, two in a pair, and help each other wash.We allowed ourselves a few small sips each day.'Mario explains how he felt it was his job to keep spirits up. When the others fell into despair, I would crack a joke or gee them along. I knew it was important for me to keep joking around. We poured water on the other.’ But this hardly made up for the ‘inhumane’ conditions in the mine, where the ground was constantly wet.Mario says his first instinct was to seek an escape route.‘Some of the younger ones were in a bad way – hysterical – but I had to find a way out.