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09 May

Cases remain pending in several courts across the country, including federal courts in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, and New York.Bruce Jenner came out to Diane Sawyer on ABC several days ago. Surprisingly in our celebrity culture, the show was calm and dignified and sympathetic. I'm calm, too, now a church lady (Episcopalian, the Frozen Chosen), younger sister and daughter, at 72 still working, if you call the work I love "working." Gender change is a distinctly minority desire — maybe one in 200 or 300 born girls or boys. Aunt Louise said something unkind to Cousin Betty 20 years ago and that was it. Bruce Jenner, left, won the decathlon at the 1975 Drake Relays with the highest world total to date that year, 8,139.Except for one call blocking finding against Sprint, the decision was unfavorable for the rural carriers, which may have to return the fees they received for calls directed to traffic-pumped services by Iowa residents.

In order to avoid paying high connection fees to traffic-pumping carriers, Google Voice has blocked calls to some of these carriers.End-users of traffic-pumped phone services often do not pay directly for the high fees collected by rural local carriers and service providers.Many wireless and land line customers now have unlimited long-distance plans, and thus the entire inflated cost of using these services is borne by their long-distance carrier.The FCC rejected both these arguments and denied AT&T’s complaint.In 2002, the FCC issued two more orders, denying similar complaints by AT&T directed at LECs that shared access revenues with chat-line providers. Frontier Communications, the Commission rejected AT&T’s allegations that “revenue-sharing arrangements” constituted unreasonable discrimination in violation of Section 202(a) or violations of the ILECs’ common carrier duties under Section 201(b).