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13 Apr

What I love about what you just said a couple minutes ago is that you talked about information overload, and it’s kind of like a fire hose with information, and that’s something I’ve always felt is so prevalent, specifically within the health space.With Super Nutrition Academy, the way I see it is kind of like the machete to help people cut through the jungle of confusion and nonsense. What is the suggestion that you would make to somebody if they came to you and said, “Okay, Jim, I’m so inspired and passionate about this stuff, but I’m so overwhelmed by this information.Or if you have leisure time, people aren’t enjoying it as much because their mind is still multitasking and it’s so wired.In the digital world that we have, where we’re outsourcing our brains to our smartphones, I mean, think about all the things our phones do for us now.We’ve discovered more about your brain in the past ten years than the previous 1000 years, things like neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, the idea that no matter what your age, you can create new brain cells, that you can make new connections, that you grow older but in a lot of ways, you actually grow better. And then the other thing besides hope, going back to the help, you’d be surprised.They say that one-third—let’s take your memory, for example—about one-third of your memory is kind of predetermined by genetics and biology, but fully two-thirds is in your control, which a lot of people don’t realize.

They’ll read a page in a book and forget what they just read. I did a program just recently, speaking in front of 7000 doctors.I think technology is incredibly convenient, but it can also be a crutch.The truth is, your brain is not a muscle but it’s kind of like a muscle, and it grows stronger with use, but it’s use it or lose it.For over two decades, he has served as a mental coach to leaders in education, entertainment, technology, and business. Just for everyone listening, to kind of bridge the gap here, Jim’s, his forte is really in accelerative learning and memory and brain performance. It controls our relationships, it controls our careers and our finances and certainly our health.He is very, very humble, but he has worked with some massive companies: GE, Master Card, Virgin, Nike, Marriott Hotels, Zappos. If you follow him on Instagram, you can basically see all of his pictures with amazing people. The reason I wanted to bring him on was to help you guys consume your information, whether it be the podcast or reading or whatever it might be, in a much more effective way so you’re able to retain what you learn and so in a much more timely manner. One of the things I notice with people, after doing these now for two decades and our online-training programs are in over 100 countries, I noticed people are really stressed and overloaded and there are things that are compromising their health.