Radioactive dating of rocks gcse should i start dating again

21 Feb

This means it is the radiation responsible for ionising molecules. Small doses of radiation over a long period of time can cause the cells to multiply. Background radiation comes from the soil, rocks, the air, water, plants, building materials and food.If this happens in our body, the cells may die or they may undergo a change called a mutation. Some radiation is due to cosmic rays from outer space.However, fortunately, our body can withstand low level radiation without ill effects because it is able to repair any damage.Gamma rays are capable of passing deep inside the body and damage cells on their travels. The idea is to aim accurately at these cells with the correct strength.But as well as causing cancer, they can be used to kill off cancer cells and even cure people from this illness. Utilizing radiation to combat cancer is an important career, earn your radiation therapy degree and help society.Gamma rays successfully kill microbes that cause food to decay.Uses in medicine to kill cancer - radiation damages or kills cells, which can cause cancer, but it can also be used to kill cancerous cells inside the body.

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The longer the half-life of a substance the slower the substance will decay and the less radiation it will emit in a certain length of time.By measuring the argon content of many rocks that contain potassium, scientists can calculate the age of the rock.Radioactive substances will give out radiation all the time, regardless of what happens to them physically or chemically.Alpha particles would not be able to go through metal at all, gamma waves would go straight through regardless of the thickness.Beta particles should be used, as any change in thickness would change the amount of particles that could go through the metal.