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22 Mar

That’s when she gained her immense passion for singing and song writing and made the decision that she wanted to be a performer."I remember watching the Michael Jackson: Moonwalker video over and over and trying to pick up Michael’s moves", she once said in an interview.also known as Sabi, is a Salvadoran-American pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actress from Los Angeles, California. As a kid growing up in Inglewood, California, daughter of a Salvadoran mother and African American father, Sabi was raised in a bilingual Spanish and English language household and spent every other weekend watching MTV at her father’s house after her parents split up.She was formerly part of the hip hop girl group, The Bangz. Her father had cable television and her mother didn't, so she and her sisters were glued to the screen watching music videos all day – she especially loved watching Michael Jackson, Prince, and Sade.

In the summer of 2009, Sabi was approached by The Co-Stars, a production team who were looking to launch a female duo.

Shortly after, Ella Ann got seriously injured in a drive by a stray bullet and unable to continue, leaving Sabi to go on alone.

She tried to continue without her; Sabi shot a video and did some performances on her own with back-up dancers, but no one felt the Bangz could continue without Ella, not even Sabi herself.

1 single, "Dreams," a track included on her mixtape.

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