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02 Apr

I respect women who go against it, but then they shouldn’t complain and cry because they have to sleep alone.’Whatever the polemic, the book is a hit.'A lot of guys are scared of the new, reversed roles but are quite keen to become ‘victims’ of the new, ‘predator’ woman,’ says Matko Cerniar, 28, offering a male perspective from Croatia.‘Women in Serbia are conservative in the sense that they prefer to depend on someone for their financial state and happiness,’ says Belarusian Alla Levcovets, 23, who lived in the UK before moving to Serbia half a year ago.‘In general, women here prefer men to be dominant in a relationship.The question is if the possibility for new choices really goes along with the current social climate, strong-rooted habits and, after all, a female’s nature.The Olympic line-up of the Exit's new Festival 84 on Jahorina, lead by Sigma, Asian Dub Foundation and Umek, will be joined by the global techno hero, Joris Voorn!

‘Some women can have a number of different male partners in a relatively short space of time,’ explains White.

That makes me a bit ashamed, but just because of the criticism in society I guess.’ Simonida confirms that its normal to have a more secret sex life in Serbia.

‘There’s no difference between the west and here, just that the former are more open.’No wonder Balkan women are more conservative.

Over 130, 000 copies of ('Predator') have been printed for a price of 199 dinars each in Serbia.

A website soon followed with a forum where women discuss men, sex and are able to write to the main character of the book in the hunt for advice.