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20 Mar

Her published article then went viral, resulting in users, such as Miranti Adelia, downloading the app.When Elma tried the application for the first time, she found that Ayo Poligami was dominated by male members. “They might be imposters, posing as someone else or doing research like me,” she said.Local patrols and new CCTV cameras will help ensure the regulation is enforced.And teenagers might think twice before breaking the law, as the punishment could turn innocent dating into serious commitment.But in Bengkulu, the regulation is actually presented as a means to fight HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, which is on the rise in the country.

10, via the app, which gave him the motivation to continue developing the online dating service.

“If they break the rules three times, the village council may ask for the parents to marry them,” Mulyadi said.

It’s not clear how this would be enforced, as the legal age for marriage in Indonesia is 16 years old.

The logic behind this might seem questionable, but the proposed bill is actually supported by the provincial health agency.

JAKARTA: Polygamy has long been a subject of controversy in Indonesia, so when online dating website-cum-application Ayo Poligami was launched, it quickly caught the attention of internet users.