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04 Feb

Three-Pointed Pitchfork This tattoo means they are an Enforcer. This is a person who has the heart to be a member of the gang. Undercover A gang member who is not wearing any indication of their gang affiliation. Universal Crip Cadence A song sung by Crips in jail or prison. This represents the goat’s head and is strictly satanic.

Vice Lords These are the people who make up the People Nation. Black Gangster Disciples, Chicago Folk Baller Gang member making money, high roller Bangin’ Short for gang banging Barrio Neighborhood Beat In A gang initiation. BG Baby Gangster BGF Black Guerilla Familia Bible The gangs book of knowledge BK Blood Killers Black Guerilla Family A Black California prison gang Bleeding To recruit or make more gang members for the Bloods or United Blood Nation sects Blob Disrespectful name for Blood gang member Brand A member of Aryan Brotherhood Brick A carton of cigarettes BTA Bout That Action BTK Born To Kil – C – C. Crab Disrespectful name for Crip gang member Cracker A derogatory name for a white person Crippin’ To be doing Crip gang activity Cuz Friendly name used between Crip gang member – D – DFA Down For Action Disciples The gangs that make up the Folk Nation Dog Food Slang for Heroin Doo Rag Bandana or handkerchief wrapped around the head Drop Higher Grade Cocaine – E – EBK Every Body Killa EBO Everybody Opps Eight Ball 1/8 ounce of cocaine Eight Ball Among motorcycle gang members, “eightball” is a patch worn on colors that was earned by committing homosexual sodomy with witnesses present. Nazis The German Right Wing Party that Hitler formed Neo Nazi The new order of Nazis Nester The Nuestra Familia gang member New G A newly initiated gang member New g A baby whose parents are gang members New Jack The new or modern style of gang members New Order An organization dedicated to the advancement of whites NF Nuestra Familia NIKE Nigga I Kill Everyone NIKE Night I Killed Eric NOI Nation of Islam. Nuestra Familia Parent California Hispanic prison gang to most northern California Hispanic street gangs. Crip In Peace C/ A Nuestra Familia Gang member CCN Crazy Crip Nation Catch a Play Drug Deal Christina Aguilera Powder Cocaine (soft white girl) CK Crip Killer Code Red Enemey Alert…Blood Up Its Time To Go To War. – N – NBG Neighborhood Based Gang Nation Fellow gang members viewed as a whole.It would then have a straight line in the center with a point. Turner Diaries A book that writes about the fall of the US and its take over by the White race. It is often red in color and is sometimes referred to as the “Red Book.” Two Dots This tattoo is used by the Cuban gangs and means that they have committed larceny. Valhalla This is used by White Supremacist and stands for Viking Heaven.Thug A gang member Tiny Gangster A gang member usually between the ages of 12 and 14. Two Minutes on the Door Two minutes of a beating for violation of gang rules inside of prison for Latin Kings – U – U. Vanguard This is a prison gang, which is nearly non-existent.