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01 May

(AP Photo/Scott Sady)A water-filled mine pit at the former Anaconda copper mine site near Yearington. (AP Photo/Scott Sady, file) CARSON CITY — Nevada “cautiously” accepted a Superfund priority listing to clean up an abandoned copper mine near Yerington under an agreement reached with the U. Environmental Protection Agency, state officials announced Tuesday.

Federal regulators who have spent a decade assessing the uranium and other hazardous wastes seeping into the groundwater have concluded the pollution can't be cleaned up without adding the old Anaconda copper mine to the U. The move follows months of back-and-forth between Gov.

Atlantic Richfield Co., now a BP subsidiary, is responsible for cleaning up the rest of the 3,400-acre site that includes groundwater contamination from the abandoned Anaconda Copper Mine.

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The governor said everyone involved “wants timely and responsible remedies,” but said they fear a drawn-out process and a cloud of “perceived distortions.” Sen.

Harry Reid, D-Nev., applauded Sandoval’s decision, calling it a significant step.

A bill being brought before the House of Representatives would allow the city of Yerington to develop federal land near a copper mine while setting aside a wilderness area.

(AP Photo/The Reno Gazette-Journal, Marilyn Newton)In this photo taken Oct.