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Forms of child sexual abuse include engaging in sexual activities with a child (whether by asking or pressuring, or by other means), indecent exposure (of the genitals, female nipples, etc.), child grooming, or using a child to produce child pornography.

Child sexual abuse can occur in a variety of settings, including home, school, or work (in places where child labor is common).

''But apparently that is what was going to happen.' Polanski fled the United States before final sentencing and is still wanted by judicial authorities. AMERICA'S DADBill Cosby, the 'Cosby Show' star once known as America's Dad, is facing a retrial on charges he drugged and molested a former Temple University employee at his home in 2004. He is currently facing a retrial on chargers that he drugged and molested a former Temple University employee at his home in 2004 (pictured left during the Cosby Show days and right in April leaving court)'GOT THE WRONG GIRL'Charlize Theron was new in Hollywood but knew the warning signs when she went to an audition.

'I thought it was a little odd that the audition was on a Saturday night at his house in Los Angeles, but I thought maybe that was normal,' she told Marie Claire in 2005. '' Oscar-winner Charlize Theron has said that when she was starting her career, a man asked her to audition for a role in his house in Los Angeles, and she quickly left after realizing 'what the situation was' (pictured in 2016)OSCAR WINNERTwo women who worked on Casey Affleck's film I'm Still Here filed sexual harassment lawsuits against him in 2010.

Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is defined by the Declaration of the First World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, held in Stockholm in 1996, as "sexual abuse by an adult accompanied by remuneration in cash or in kind to the child or third person(s)." One study reported that children who received a bad reaction from the first person they told, especially if the person was a close family member, had worse scores as adults on general trauma symptoms, post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and dissociation.

Another study found that in most cases when children did disclose abuse, the person they talked to did not respond effectively, blamed or rejected the child, and took little or no action to stop the abuse.

He took me into his office and said, "You really want this part? I really do." "Well," he said, "then all you have to do is be nice to me." It was a wonderful euphemism in the Sixties for you know what. In fact, I was rather wimpish, burst into tears and rushed out of his office.' The role went to Elizabeth Taylor.

Rappe, writhing in pain from a ruptured bladder, accused Arbuckle of raping her A TORN DRESSActor Errol Flynn had a two-year affair with Beverly Aadland, starting when she was 15. ' Actor Errol Flynn had a two-year affair with Beverly Aadland, starting when she was 15.Besides dissociative identity disorder (DID) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), child sexual abuse survivors may present borderline personality disorder (BPD) and eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa.In a 1998 review of related literature, Martin and Fleming state "The hypothesis advanced in this paper is that, in most cases, the fundamental damage inflicted by child sexual abuse is due to the child's developing capacities for trust, intimacy, agency and sexuality, and that many of the mental health problems of adult life associated with histories of child sexual abuse are second-order effects." Kendler et al.For anyone thinking the days of the so-called casting couch were long gone, this past week has been eye-opening, as the growing list of women directing allegations of sexual harassment and rape at Harvey Weinstein suggests they never left Hollywood.Here's a look at some cases from the past and present.