Sophie okonedo dating

06 Apr

The handsome American actor started dating Bridgid Coulter since 1992.

Don has been dating the sultry American actress for more than 25 years and still counting.

He later graduated with a BFA in acting from the California Institute of Arts. They say two heads are better than one and for Don, the proverb was in line.

He collaborated with director Steven Soderbergh which resulted in the making of movies like The Rat Pack, Ocean’s Eleven, Traffic, Swordfish, Things Behind The Sun, Ocean’s Twelve, Reign Over Me, and Ocean Thirteen.

His parents enrolled him at the East High School where he graduated from in 1982.

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Don and his fellow actor George Clooney were also presented the Summit Peace Award in Rome by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for their work to prevent the genocide as well as relieve the suffering of the people of Darfur. Don Cheadle is one of the actors in Hollywood who has enjoyed a blissful relationship.

The actor’s net worth is valued at million dollars. Considering the fact that both celebrities are in Hollywood, they have been able to handle show business and relationship well.