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06 Feb

Comments like 'she’d aged a couple of decades since he’d last seen her, or maybe she’d taken off her make-up', 'Nothing was sadder than a woman fighting the losing battle with the time and growing desperate and scared as her feminine vanity fought the truth.', '..unfortunate woman whose make-up was think enough to make an undertaker proud.

She was way too old to put Kool-Aid highlights in her hair.','... Now, I do not notice things like this every single time, but it was really hard not to see it here.

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demonic evil lurking in the remote hotel’s basement, just waiting to be awoken. The character in question simply didn't get enough space to annoy me, I think. Some of those things aren't revealed until much later in the book.Researchers have wondered why the sticky process of "falling in love" has been allowed to continue.While most animals streamline courtship practices, humans keep updating their dating profiles without regard for evolutionary fitness.The human application – if there is one – is about choosing a partner who will pull his or her own weight when the children arrive."Is it a matter of personality matching, synchronisation/coordination of activities, or a matter of stimulation/motivation by your partner in investing all the work it takes to raise a family, as our exploratory analyses tend to suggest? The innovative part of this experiment was the focus on behavioral compatibility, the fact that finches stuck in a "loveless marriage" were obviously less interested in each other, and it affected the chicks negatively.