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14 Mar

I don't want to live in a truck - any ideas I really don't want to live in the truck.

Don't get me wrong, of course I wanted to be with my husband and I know how hard it is being away from each other … What a huge lie did to change our lives forever My husband and I have been married for 23 yrs. We lived in South Tx and moved up north for a better …

I know some women are trifling and abuse or take advantage of their trucking husbands sometimes. You know if you have a supportive, trusting, understanding woman at home that treats you with respect and admire you know how tough your job is on the road everyday. (lol) So what I've said about trucker's wives is just common sense but sometimes taken for granted. Hi my name is Brandi I am 25 years old I am newly engaged to my high school sweet heart he is an on the road trucker, but I plan things for when he comes …

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Before that he worked in a warehouse, struggled to make ends meet, and was home everyday. When we talk he makes me feel like he expects much more from me, than I should from him. Advice for the Newbie (In-your-face stuff I wish someone had told me in the beginning) *it never gets "easier" watching him go. And if he leaves once where you are totally together and saying "I got this", next time will be 10 … I've read several post here along with the comments left.

You know, being the wife of a trucker is tough but it's very rewarding.

Being part of the owner operator independent truckers category we have a lot more …

Tribute to Truckers Wives Holding It Down Trucker's Wives Profiles Truckers Wives Forums and Chat Room Truckers wives are faced with serious challenges with an over the road trucker as a husband.

Not only is she left with the responsibilities of the maintaining the business of the home but she has to also raise the children (of course if there are children) in a world that constantly demands an increase in effectiveness to raise those children successfully.