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02 May

take the boat back to the Nakano residence and back.)NOTE: If you are using an alternate start mod, the holotapes may not go into your inventory automatically.However, they can be crafted at a Chem Station under UTILITY./*2016 GLOBAL FIXES*/ #header nav .container, #sea Gov Header .container, #sea Gov Footer .container #header nav .container #seagov Navbar #search Icon div#search Modal nav#slide Menu Nav ul nav#slide Menu Nav li nav#slide Menu Nav li a .A troublesome Windows update that was rolled out to PCs running the Windows 10 Creators Update yesterday is causing some systems to spit out a blue screen of death (BSOD) error.• 20 all-new intense thunder sounds, and a new method for much more unpredictable/random playback and lightning strikes.• New interior sounds for all weathers: wind, rain, radstorm, and thunder sounds for all rain types, but only inside locations where it makes sense.

ESMs) • Make sure any mods that are patched for True Storms have been updated for 1.4 (i.e.• v1.4 features a lot of new additions and changes, please see the CHANGELOG for full details! • NMM installer for easier selection of options (requires Nexus Mod Manager) • In-game configuration Holotape to turn all features on and off, plus weather control holotape • Sneak buffs for player and companions during storms • New weather types including radiation rain, heavy dust storms, heavy fogs, heavy/light rain, and more • Intense visuals during rainstorms -- new distant fork and sheet lightning effects in the sky.• All-new heavy rain/dust textures, materials, visual effects, and particle geometry for truly heavy storms.NOTE: Mods with patches for True Storms will not work with version v1.4 unless they are updated!These are being updated and will happen very quickly so please be patient.